Target Industries

The revolutionary radiation sensors developed by ARTsensing Inc. are flexible and transparent.

In addition, the small dimensions and extreme light-weight feature of the sensors allow them to be applied to applications where there are strigent requirements on mass, dimensions, and power consumption.

ARTsensing Inc. sensors can be integrated within gloves and garments of nuclear technicians for minimally invasive real-time measurement of radiation exposure.

The sensors are also perfectly suited for space applications where the provision of power, size, and mass is at a premium.

  • Cancer Centres
  • Space Industry
  • Nuclear Industry





A new generation of proprietary radiation sensor has been developed. The sensors have already been extensively characterized at the Grand River Regional Cancer Centre, Kitchener, ON, Canada and showed extremely promising results. While this revolutionary technology was initially developed to address the shortcomings of current radiation dosimeters, it can also be used in various markets where radiation sensors are needed such as the nuclear power plants, transportation security depots and the aerospace industry.