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  • ARTsensing (PDF)
    Who is ARTsensing? | ARTsensing Solutions | ARTsensing Software
    ARTsensing are the pioneersin radiation detection technology.
  • FLEXDos (PDF)
    FLEXDos™ is a revolutionary tool for detection of accelerator beam in real-time during treatment. The flexibility aspect of FLEXDos™ allows it to conform to complex bodily structures.
  • TRANDos (PDF)
    TRANDos™ is an invaluable tool for accelerator beam quality assurance (QA). It can be used for measuring and setting the dose/monitor unit (cGy/MU), calibration of the accelerator, and for profiling the photon and electron beam flatness and symmetry. In addition, the small detector size (2mm) and close pitch between the detectors (<2mm) makes TRANDos™ highly suitable for verification of Intensity Modulated Raidation Therapy (IMRT) delivery systems.